CDT Auto Trade Copier

CDT Auto Trade Copier

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CLICK HERE to Download CDT-AutoTradeCopier

You can paste it inside the Experts folder, and attach it on any chart in the following steps:
1- Make sure Autotrading is on (Green Color)
2- Make sure in Expert Advisor properties Allow live trading and Allow DLL imports are ticked
3- In inputs you can change between 7 different money management options.
Money Management Options:
1- Fixed lot
2- Multiple of the Master account
3- XXX Lots per $1000 balance
4- On Percentage of balance (if balance is 1000 and you insert 20, then it will trade 0.2 lots)
5- On Percentage of Free Margin (if free margin is 1000 and you insert 20, then it will trade 0.2 lots
6- On Proportion Of Balance (If master account is 10,000 and your account is $1000, if master account trade 1 lot your account will copy 0.1 lot)
7- On Slave Balance Risk (Here you can choose how much to risk per trade, if you put 1, it means 1% per trade)


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